Weekly Bulletin Announcements

Thank you to all who donated in honor or in memory of loved ones to fill our Church with flowers during this Easter Season! Please look for their names on the placard in the Vestibule. The names of all those remembered in our Easter Novena are in a basket near the altar and shall remain there throughout the 9 days. 

Interested in becoming a Lector?

During Holy Mass the Lord feeds us with His Own Body and Blood. 

He also feeds us as we listen to His Holy and Living Word in Scripture. If you are interested in becoming a Proclaimer of the Word, please see Fr. Justin. 

He will conduct your training and then you will enter the assignment rotation. 

Come and join in this important ministry!!

Mass Intentions for the Week

Saturday, Apr. 8: Holy Saturday

9:00 AM         Tenebrae

8:30 PM       Easter Vigil

Sunday, Apr. 9: Resurrection of the Lord, Easter Sunday

8:00 AM        EASTER NOVENA

10:00 AM      Passionist Community

Monday, Apr. 10:

8:00 AM         EASTER NOVENA

10:00 AM       ++ Helen & Thaddeus Peszko

2:00 PM         + Ronald Lehotsky

5:30 PM         Thanksgiving in Honor of St. Gemma

Tuesday, Apr. 11:

7:30 AM         EASTER NOVENA

12:10 PM       + Evelyn Saukel

Wednesday, Apr. 12:

7:30 AM         (Private Community Mass: EASTER NOVENA)

12:10 PM       ++ Rita Larson & Eva Huber

Thursday, Apr. 13: 

7:30 AM         EASTER NOVENA

12:10 PM      + Anne Hall

Friday, Apr. 14:

7:30 AM         EASTER NOVENA

 12:10 PM      ++ Alexander & Julia Dziadyk

Saturday, April 15:

8:00 AM         EASTER NOVENA

5:00 PM         ++++ Robert D., Robert J., Kenneth, & James Kuchta