Fifth Sunday in the Season of Easter: Love One Another

We are still in the Season of Easter, the Season of celebrating Jesus’ victory over the powers of evil and death. At first, the Easter Sunday and weekday Scriptures told us the stories of Easter, of the risen Christ, spending time with his disciples, resurrecting their faith, encouraging them, forgiving them. Then the weekday Scriptures began telling us about Baptism and Eucharist.

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Nicolette Meade
Vices & Healing: 28th Sunday

Jesus has come to make all things new… encouraging us and teaching us that God is present in our everyday life – the pilgrimage of our life beginning now in this world, and ending in the new heavens and the new earth that John’s Book of Revelation, chapter 21, promises. Today’s Scripture Readings refer to this new life that Jesus brings. In the first reading from 2 Kings, we read how God cleansed the soldier Naaman who suffered from a terrible skin disease.  Naaman followed the instructions of God’s prophet Elisha, and was made like new.

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Joe Farris