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RECONNECT NIGHT - Praying with St. Paul of the Cross

Join us at The Monastery for a night focused learning to pray through the spirituality of St. Paul of the Cross..

When: October 22nd at 7pm at the Monastery

Who: All are invited

What: St. Paul of the Cross was the founder of the Passionist Community. HIs spirituality and life of prayer is as important today as it has ever been. Join us for a night where we as a community of faith dive deeply into what it means to view the world through the crucified Christ. This evening will be led by Father Gerald Laba, CP who has spent many years serving the Southside community. This will be a night not soon forgotten.



“Prayer is never more perfect than when it ascends from the very depth and essence of the soul; we pray, then, in the spirit of God. This is a sublime language, but when God wills, He makes even the stones speak. Let the sovereign God reign in your spirit; there ought to be a reciprocal repose: God in you, and you in God. O sweet, O divine operation!”

St. Paul of the Cross