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St. Paul of the Cross Monastery
Music of the Passionists

We are proud of the three collections of music that the Passionist Community has performed. Music is a gift that always gives, and these cassettes and CD's of sacred music produced by the Passionist Community of priests, brothers, sisters, and lay persons are available at the Retreat Center.

The price for the CD is $17.00 plus postage and the cassette is $12.00 plus postage.
To obtain additional information please call the Retreat Center at (412) 381-7676 or email us at .

Every Knee Shall Bend Passionist CD


A rich, innovative arrangement of classic Christmas and Advent music. From chant and newly arranged traditional carols to contemporary works, these rousing new works have been influenced by many cultures and styles. Lush harmonies and intricate instrumentation celebrate the joyful anticipation of the Advent and Christmas seasons.


The first Passionist Sacred Music recording. This extensive collection of spiritual music has something for every listener. A collection of Lenten and Holy Week songs in the Passionist tradition. Innovative choral and instrumental selections are highlighted by numerous vocal solos. A musical tapestry of prayer.



The inspiring and prophetic call of God heard through the workings of the Spirit and these hymns, chants, and songs are an expression of that call. Music with texts that bring to life the images of the sacred gift of God's Spirit. A unique, moving collection of mysterious and powerful musical prayer.

Love Casts Out Fear Passionist CD
By the Breath of God Passionist Cd

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