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Passionist Associates
Deceased Members

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Below is a list of the deceased associate members of our Province...

Our Province Policy is to have each Passionist Community offer Mass for our deceased associates on the last Friday of November each year.  This is the Policy, as of Nov 17, 2011.

Our Province’s Associates are a growing and vital part of our Passionist Family.Presently there are well over one hundred Associates.

Our present communities are in Riverdale, Shrewsbury, Pittsburgh, N. PalmBeach, Scranton and Kingwood, W.V. and Jamaica, N.Y., and Greenville, N.C.At the recent Director’s meeting in Jamaica, N.Y. the Associates asked if ourProvince could establish a policy of praying for our deceased Associates since theyare "covenanted members" of our Province. With the unanimous vote of my Councilthis will be our Province policy.

We wish to recognize our prayerful connection with Associates who have died.Therefore on the last Friday of each November, beginning on November 25, 2011, each local community is to have a Eucharist or a Memorial service for all of our deceased Associates.

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Passionist Associates - Deceased Members

Riverdale, N.Y.: Lindy Prisco (d. Oct. 26, 2001); Gloria Quinn (d. Dec. 15, 2003); Madeline Alessi(d. Feb. 27, 2006);James Quinn (d. Nov. 30, 2009); Nick Goalblatt (d. June 8, ’12)

Shrewsbury, MA.:Rosemary Boucher (d. Sept. 2, 2008); Ann Biggins (d. Aug. 17, 2009)

Pittsburgh, PA.:Anthony Sunseri (d. Jan. 21, 2007); James Canavan (d. Oct. 10, 2008), Robert Graham

Scranton, PA.:Otto Zang,Elizabeth Welby, Robert Hart,(d. Sept 10, 2012); Cathy Brezinski(d.Jan 17, ’12); Kathy Kron.